AA Studio, Design Architect

AA Studio is an international architectural design office headquartered in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Founded by Italian architect Aldo Andreoli, AA Studio’s executive team is distinguished by their innovative, collaborative and design-forward approach. Specializing in high-end projects across New York, California, Arizona, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala and Italy, AA Studio’s architects balance form and function with trademark elegance. The studio is committed to converting opportunity into lasting value for residents, communities and investors through sound and uncompromising design.

Jeffrey Cole Architects, Executive Architect

HOGG Holdings and Vinci US Real Estate, Developers

Hogg Holdings’ principal, Andres Hogg, brings over fifteen years of experience in the New York real estate market, while Vinci’s principals hold significant expertise in both commercial and residential markets in Brazil. Vinci’s emphasis on creative design has guided the development of landmark projects including its Richard Meier-designed corporate headquarters in Rio de Janeiro and the acclaimed 360 Building in São Paulo, designed by one of Brazil’s leading architects, Isay Weinfeld. Vinci is committed to developing innovative residences that also offer uniquely adaptable living environments of the highest quality.

Corcoran Group Marketing, Sales and Marketing

Corcoran Group Marketing is an affiliate of Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group. With over 30 years of experience in marketing and sales of $40 billion, Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group is the recognized industry leader in the planning, design, marketing, and sale of luxury residential development. Representing properties throughout the United States and in select international locations, Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group’s portfolio contains a curated collection of the world’s most desirable new addresses.

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